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Safe Living At High Floor with Indoor/Outdoor Cloth Drying System

We have developed an improved method on “Safety Clothes Hanging at High Floor”. This is approved by HDB, product reference no. RKF-C001-2013 01.

The System does not have any mechanical moving parts. Therefore, there will be "No Mechanical Failure" and "No Maintenance Cost".

In view of Safety, our Goose-Neck Clothes Drying System should be the most suitable system to be installed for all those who are of old age / Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE Programme), handicapped, domestic helpers or maids.

Our System are able to perform safely in hanging or retrieving clothing under Strong Wind Condition. You do not need to have more poles .

3 poles can hold up to 78 nos of various sizes of clothing with "Goose-neck" hanger.

4 poles can hold up to 104 nos of various sizes of clothing with "Goose-neck" hanger.

We Provide 10 Years of Warranty For All Our Cloth Drying System (Except Cloth Hanger)


Speech by Prime Minister at the Opening of Punggol Waterway, 23 October 2011 at Punggol Waterway

Solving Daily Problems | MNDSingapore (6 June 2011)

Video 1 : Pilot Project at Pasir Ris (SAFE LAUNDRY HANGING AT HIGH FLOOR) (16 November 2011)

Video 2 : CNN News On Singapore Maids Fall to Death (24 May 2012)

Video 3: President Design Award (2 August 2012)

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